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In Javaroma cafe’ we do cupping session regularly, it’s a standard methodology to discover the goodness of coffee.

It brings our the coffee’s strength points thru a drinking experience and inspire the customers to explore coffee aroma and different rich flavors.

1. Roast the coffee beans to medium color and measure how much you intend to use (8.25 grams per small cup) and ground to sieve 15 then put in cups.

2. Within 15 minutes after it was ground, sniff the dry grounds to evaluated its fragrance/aroma.

3. Boil water to approximately 93°C.

4. Pour directly onto the measured grounds to the rim of the cup. Let it steep undisturbed for a period of 4 minutes.

5. Break the crust, by stirring the liquid allowing the foam to run down the back of the spoon while gently sniffing the fragrance/aroma.

6. The fragrance/aroma score is then marked on the basis of dry and wet evaluation.

7. When the coffee has cooled to 71°C, about 8-10 minutes from infusion, evaluation of the liquor should begin. Using spoon, clean out the crust first.

8. The liquor is aspirated into the mouth in such a way to cover as much area as possible, especially the tongue and upper palate. Because the retro nasal vapors are at their maximum intensity at these elevated temperatures, flavor and aftertaste are rated at this point.

9. As the coffee continues to cool to 60°C, the acidity, body and balance are rated next. Balance is the cupper's assessment of how well the flavor, aftertaste, acidity, and body fit together in a synergistic combination.